Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Rife

Ferring Rife
We went for a walk along Ferring Rife on Monday - it was grey and cold - and we walked round the Wetland Trust yesterday afternoon - sunny, with a wonderful light.   Spring is in the air - there were beakloads of twigs going to and fro, and some macho posturing (and that was only Captain Butterfly!).  Actually, he WAS in quite a passion, as the battery on his second camera ran out mid-shot. His first camera is in hospital at the moment.
Arundel WWT
Kathy and I managed an hour and three-quarters on the preaching work yesterday morning. We finished our assigned territory and did a few return visits.   We are trying to get a Memorial invite to every home.    I must remind myself to go to the house without a letter box every time I am out this month in case I can find them at home.

Today was an at-home for me.  The Captain flew off early with his sandwiches for his conservation work, and I got on with my studying, some washing, ironing and did the floors.   I also got some daytime TV watching done.  And some internet witnessing.

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