Saturday, 28 February 2015

Weavers Down - Can Nothing be Left Unspoilt?

The Grayling butterflies, and many other creatures, are about to be turfed out of Weavers Down to make way for another golf course.     How selfish we - the children of Adam - are. We are leaving no space for the creatures with which we share the planet.
To see how to object to this planning application please see The Captain's blog:

We were given a sacred trust - to care for them. And I know many many people find great happiness in trying to do so.  However, the world system is against us. It all lies in the hands of Satan - and he is a destroyer.

But a rescue is so close at hand.  Soon God's will WILL be done on the earth.  And he loves all his creation. One of the many wonderful things we will be able to do then is to care for it all properly - and, under the heavenly government, the incoming Kingdom of God, we will be able to restore the perfect harmony that was there in the beginning.   In the restored earthly Paradise, we will wake up every morning simply longing to go to work - as work will be the wonderful, creative thing it always should have been.

A return visit, not mine, said crossly:   "You Jehovah's Witnesses take the Bible much too seriously. We don't at MY church."   Yes.  My sibling has managed to get a very important point across to him.

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