Monday, 2 March 2015

A Walk by the Sea and a trip to the Dentist

Iping Common
My morning was spent at the Dentist - 6 monthly check up - I had 2 x-rays, a painful and effective clean, and a filling replaced.   My teeth are OK, and, all being well I won't be seeing the Tooth Doctor again for 6 months.   Which is a relief.

The Captain left early for a day at Iping Common and he captured the beauty of the day. It was lovely. And I took myself out for a walk by the sea in the afternoon - my favourite walk to the river and back - the flood defences are still under way.    I wish I could find the words to describe the beauty of the sky and the light.

As the Psalmist says:  "The heavens are declaring the glory of God..."

Talked to Jacks on the phone - we had a lovely evening together on Sunday - and Maggie sent through another of her showbiz clips.   She is looking v.glamorous.  Who says there is no life after retirement?  It all seems to get more exciting and more interesting by the day.

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  1. That's cool! At least your dental issues have been comprehensively done with. It's better to put aside a sizeable chunk of our hours and days resolving what needs to be resolved. Tooth problems can really kick in, in ways that will knock us down if we do not pay close attention to them. Anyway, I hope that you are faring better these days. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

    Benny Murray @ Dental Care of South Jersey