Monday, 15 September 2014

Martha (and Millicent)

A lot of excitement as we welcome a new member of the family - Martha Mary.   She was born last week after Nute received a dramatic call in the early hours and had to rush over to do her grandmotherly stuff.  We hope to see her and her big sister on Sunday.  We have already seen a lovely photo of the sisters.

So the Captain and I are now a great uncle and aunt for the 5th time.

Captain B also got some lovely photos of Millie picking apples at Lilac Tree.  We came back from there laden with apples, pears, grapes, tomatoes and a giant marrow that the Borrowers could have turned into high rise flats.

The Aramco Reunion...  maybe I will blog about that later. But as we were just looking round wonderingly, asking ourselves who all these elderly people were, and puzzling over where all our young colleagues had got to, we noticed everyone was looking at us with exactly the same expression.

What can it all mean?

Aramco was generous to its old employees as always and gave us a very nice evening with presents.

We stayed with Keith and Janet and the children were at home that weekend so we got to see them - a pleasure, as they are such good company - and we had a lovely day out at the Harrogate Betty's.

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