Tuesday, 9 September 2014


A great article in the online Independent on Introversion.

A quote:
"Life as an introvert is rife with struggle: open-plan offices, teamwork, relentless after-work drink invitations, and the expectation that if you’re under the age of retirement you should spend your weekends in nightclubs. Simply, society is designed in favour of extroverts. The way our culture values extroverted qualities – competition, small talk, speaking up, taking action, relentless socialising – forces me to sometimes go along with extrovert behaviour and inevitably pay for it afterwards by needing a long nap. "

Yes.  Most people are extrovert so, obviously, society is set up in a way that suits them.  The whole business of parties...  And I have been to many - so I have researched it.  Yet, clearly they are important in a way that I don't understand.

What I enjoy is getting together with family and friends, for a meal, or coffee, or just a chat, but in a small group.  The only large group of people I easily cope with are at the large Jehovah's Witness conventions, where I know I am with my brothers and sisters, and everything is orderly.

I often wonder if introversion is a character flaw - not something you can correct - a part of our current imperfection.   But you can and have to adapt to the extrovert world. And, yes, as the article says, its tiring.  Or is it simply that at the moment nothing is right, nothing is in its right place. And when the earth is Paradise again, and all obedient humankind perfectly reflects the beautiful qualities of our Creator, there might be some areas, some jobs, that require introversion - solitary, lighthousekeeping kind of jobs?

Or probably we will all have a perfect balance between extro and intro then.

I don't know. I just wonder. But I don't worry,  everything will mean what it should then.  I just hope that we will all be there to find out.

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