Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Missing Caption.

"Lovely photos, thank you darling" I beamed at the Captain as he put his Jewels of Autumn photos on my blog.   "But isn't there a missing caption?"  

 "How do you mean?"

"Well, why didn't: "The Fairest Autumn Jewel of All"  appear under the picture of Mrs.Captain Butterfly resting from her strenuous 10 minute hike?"

"Do you want to know?" asked the Captain, looking prepared to tell me.  

I decided to drop the subject.   They don't make these cameras the way they used to when I was young.

Yesterday was a happy day.  Sylvia and I practised our talk in the Museum garden, then had coffee in the little cafe.   And Mick and Micah came round in the afternoon.  It was such a comforting visit.  The Inspired Scriptures tell us that the elders are like "streams of water in a waterless country, the shadow of a heavy crag in an exhausted land".  They are a refuge from all that besets us in this system of things.

They emphasised that whatever help Captain Butterfly and I need in our tribulations - be in lifts to hospital, shopping, whatever - they are there to help.  Always.    I don't know how to thank Jehovah enough for the congregation family, and for sending his Witnesses to my door all those years ago.   The best thing I can do is listen to Him, obey Him, and get out there myself.   And try to give a good talk on Thursday night.

Sylvia will be very good for me, as I am supposed to be learning to use an outline, not a script.  I like everything written out, word for word, and stuck to. Sylvia improvises continually and confidently. So this should be a useful learning curve.

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