Friday, 19 September 2014

The Moon on a Stick

It was very misty on the high moortop as we drove over the Snake to Bea's this morning - appropriate for the "seasons of mists" as well as "mellow fruitfulness".  Then as we came through the fog and started down to Glossop there was soft September sunshine.

Bea's September garden was stunning.  We caught up on things, she gave us bean and veggie soup for lunch followed by tea and cake in Marple Bridge. And we visited the second hand bookshop there. And bought some books.   And Simon and Phyllis popped in to say hello and goodbye as they were just off to Scotland.

Talking of Scotland, the No vote won, though not by a large margin, so they will not have to take passports.  But Brit politicians promised the voters the moon on a stick if they voted No.  So they will now be under some pressure to deliver said moon on said implement.

We shall see...  

We met Janet for lunch at The Fat Cat yesterday.   We had quite a problem finding it - the Captain, Ken and me - the city has changed so much. A new ring road has sprung up from nowhere.  And it ran rings round us.  We had gone to the Millennium Gallery to see the Exhibition there first.

Anyway we did arrive. On time. The Cat is as lovely as ever.  Better if anything.  The landlord is the same and so, judging by our lovely lunch, is the cook.   Nute arrived just as we were ordering drinks and Janet arrived 10 minutes later.  The boys had steak pie with roast tatties and veggies; Nute and I had mushroom and leek pie with the same, and Janet had a lamb and mint burger.

A nice lunch.   And fun to see Janet after such a long time.

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