Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Scooter, Enraged by her Tail (again)

Scooter was enraged by her tail last night.  It kept lashing and lashing - and the crosser she got, the more it lashed about, and the crosser she got, until it was like a whirlwind. Both the Captain and I got a mini-clawing, though why we got blamed for it all, I do not know.

We were talking about the Scottish referendum last night - I think its any day now.    Both sides seem to have done a dismal job.  I must stay neutral and as far as I can tell (the human heart being "treacherous" at the moment), I am.   I would hate to lose Scotland - but do think it has to be up to the people who live there. This is supposed to be a democracy after all.

However, I can't compute the financial ramifications, and hope that the politicians and voters can.   Will they keep the pound?  And what would that entail?  And, if they do go for independence, why not have their own currency, which would surely be the Groat?

We are picking up Kathryn and heading off up to Jen's for lunch - everyone hoping that I can make it up and down the steep steep slope that leads to the Jen Chateau.  Sheffield is a very hilly city.  We have know Jen and Kathryn for nearly 60 years now.

Will we still be getting together for lunch 600 years from now?  I hope so. And of course, if we are, there will be no health problems to contend with.

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