Thursday, 15 May 2014


We are probably going to get a visit from The Royal Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Plants as Linda has just emailed a health bulletin on our Amaryllis.  Apparently it was almost terminally potbound!     It has now been re-homed and is convalescing in her conservatory. Poor little bulb.

I am jotting some disjointed things down and hope that they will suddenly come to life and make a story. It only has to be a short one.   I am also thinking of all the excellent short stories I have read.   Elizabeth Jane Howard's "Three Miles Up" for example.  If I could come up with something half as good as that.  Pen is working away beside me, and Nute arrives today, if all goes to plan.

I have the title (how does "Four Miles Up" sound?) - I just lack the right words to go beneath it.  Those I've put down - some of them  - may be right, but they completely lack a context.

The rhubarb became a crumble  - an excellent one too, though I says it myself as shouldn't.  The Captain was out on a full day of butterfly excursions with various enthusiasts. I made him two boxes of sandwiches. Foodwise, I am keeping it easy - salads, a takeaway on Friday (when Jackie joins us), and a chill cabinet chicken dish for tonight.  And I have a load of ice-creams and sorbets in the freezer. Thank you Waitrose, and isn't it about time you put me on a salary?

The weather is good and the sea is calm.  A couple of days ago we had rainbows - and hail!

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