Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Summer Meadows

The photos on the Captain's Log are making me think of summer meadows - and of our trip to the Tyrol in early June, many years ago. We spent a lot of time knee deep in wildflowers.  And I wrote this.

by me

Through Colin’s camera we saw
Tiny details of the Tyrol
Little flat mushrooms
Stained glass inside flowers
And on moths’ wings
One foot of Tyrolean meadow
Could occupy us all day.

I have done so little - washed out by the arthritis flare-up - that its hard to know what to put in the blog.  I had a Butterfly query to sort out yesterday, which involved a bit of a paper chase - but its all done and the relevant paperwork is heading for the post office.  And yesterday was my annual health check.  Louise was working there that day and we had a brief chat as she flew past.  My bp is up - probably because of the pain.

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