Friday, 23 May 2014

More Landmarks

The dizzying, heady excitement of it all.  Yesterday I went to the Library, and to the Meeting in the evening without my stick.  WITHOUT MY WALKING STICK.   Same same for our lunch at the Wildlife Trust the day before.  The stickless Mrs.Captain B had mushroom and spinach pasta, while the Captain had spag bol.

Feel exhausted today, but we have planned an early morning walk by the beach.

Odd weather - violent rainstorms yesterday, with thunder and even hail in some parts of the UK.  The Channel is quite stormy this morning.  There is a strong wind blowing. It should be a bracing walk if we take it.

We are looking at the example of faith and courage that Abraham left us in our current studies.  And its something I need to think about as I creak back towards the time when I start to drive again and can get back out on the doors.  I know it doesn't compare with what Abraham did, but I don't find any of it easy.

He will certainly be in the earthly Paradise...  will we?

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