Monday, 5 May 2014

A truly lovely wedding

It was a  lovely wedding day - a lovely bride - she was escorted to her handsome bridegroom by her son and grandson. The congregation family was there, the Kingdom Hall had special flowers, red roses in a bed of white somethings (Mrs Captain Butterfly's eyes are not what they were), and one of our brothers gave a talk. Starting with some very good jokes, and then into a beautiful exposition of what the Inspired Scriptures tell us about marriage - and how to apply all the instructions.

Steve and Geraldine are already doing that. They simply have to continue.  They both lost their partners, through illness,some years ago, so both come from a background of a happy and successful marriage.

Captain Butterfly enjoyed it too.  And appreciated the simplicity of it. There was a reception at The Windmill in the evening - a buffet table, and wine and beer.  The congregation family turned out in force.

We had supper at Jacks last night.  Chicken Kiev, new potatoes and salad, cheese and cake. With Oyster Bay wine!   A lovely summer supper, and a great evening - lots of laughs and mutual commiserations about our various plights. Many of which are to do with our not being as young as we were.

Its a Bank Holiday today - and the sun is shining.   Not that I want to go anywhere really, not on a sunny Bank Holiday.  One of the privileges of being old and retired is that you don't have to take your outings when everybody else does.

What I did today...  I keep forgetting to keep a record, but I want - hope - to be able to look back as the months go by and see an increase in energy and ability.  But will I?     So - 40 mins on balcony studying.  Cleaned fridge - and two loads of washing and some ironing done.  Talked to Maggie on phone - she can't make Tuesday but hope to see her Thursday. And yesterday Anne of the Cape and I had a long interesting chat on Skype. And we have watched an exciting Snooker final at the Crucible (in my Northern hometown) between Selby and O'Sullivan.  Selby won - by potting the black.  But it was very very close. One of those matches when you wish they could both win the Championship.

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