Friday, 9 May 2014

Morris Dancing Penguins

The blossom!  Laburnum, lilac, chestnut candles.  It was a grey and rainy day, but it made the fresh greens of May shine. We drove through the beauty to the appointment with my young surgeon in the afternoon.  A long wait, as usual, but all is well with the healing and he won't see me again till next year.

The hospital penguins had been dressed as Morris dancers - caps and bells and whatnots - to celebrate May Day I guess.  By the way, these are the big penguin statues in the hospital courtyard garden, not the real mccoy - before anyone phones the RSPCA.

Steve and family kindly chauffered me to the meeting last night - even driving right into the Hall carpark, which I assured them I didn't now need. It was very kind though, as I would probably have had to cross a road from their usual parking spot, and that is not as easy as it used to be. I need a fairly large gap in the traffic nowadays. The Captain was out Search and Rescue training. It was our second C.O. Talk.  I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet, and am puzzling as to what his accent is.   "Busy" is "beezee" and I heard "Jesus' Apostles" as "Jesus' applesauce", which threw me for a moment. Its a charming accent - and he is (of course) a wonderful speaker.   But what is it?  The problem is I am tone deaf and find it hard to tell.

If it turns out he is a native Glaswegian, then I have just seriously embarrassed myself - and am even more tone deaf than previously supposed. I will have to put it down to old age - as usual.

The subject of his talk was all the changes the Society has made over the last 5 years - and are we keeping pace with the organisation - especially in the urgency of the preaching work - once again informal witnessing is being stressed.  Lots of food for thought and lots of room for improvement. And at the end he went through all the children's artwork. He had asked them to draw a picture of themselves in the restored earthly Paradise. Their friendship with the animals featured strongly - and that is something I often think about too. And nearly every drawing had a river in it.  Once again, this is something I have thought about - beautiful clean rivers to swim in.  A paradise memory from childhood is of swimming in the river at Chatsworth - surrounded by inquisitive fish.  It was one of those moments when the world suddenly seemed to be as it should.

The light on the Channel this morning!  I had to stop and thank Jehovah for it..  Who could get tired of this lovely lovely world.  And how wonderful it will be when its all at peace once again.

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