Sunday, 18 May 2014

Making Soup and Short Stories

Nute and Pen left yesterday.  Sad they had to leave, but a  lovely few days, only marred by my having a violent arthritis flare-up in the recently operated leg. Very strange and painful - where arthritic bit meets metal bit.  I was back on a zimmer frame for half a day or so.  I am now rather lopsided.

We got a lot of writing done. They both have thrillers in the pipeline, and I have managed to polish up another story for my coming anthology.  It is a story I wrote many years ago, that has been given an update.

Jackie came round to join us for fish and chips on Friday (followed by ice-cream and sorbet). We had a fun evening.   And the girls bought me a SoupMaker!   Pen and I spent about 5 minutes chopping such veggies as I had in - the remaining carrots, a couple of potatoes, and an onion, plus a few salad leaves, fresh ginger, an orange (zest and juice), chile, and a stock cube, poured in some water, pressed the On switch, and 21 minutes later out came a tasty vegetable soup.  I hope we will be using it a lot.

All the congregation family were at the Assembly yesterday, so no meeting today.  Audrey and I chatted on the phone - neither of us being well enough to go.

I found this when doing my studying for the week - we are in Exodus at the moment:

"Now 75 years old, Abraham began to move his household out of Haran to the land of Canaan, where he lived out the remaining hundred years of his life in tents as an alien and migratory resident. (Ge 12:4)
It was following the death of his father Terah that Abraham went out from Haran in 1943 B.C.E. and crossed the Euphrates River, evidently on the 14th day of the month that later became known as Nisan. (Ge 11:32; Ex 12:40-43, LXX) It was at that time that the covenant between Jehovah and Abraham went into effect, and the 430-year period of temporary residence until the making of the Law covenant with Israel began.—Ex 12:40-42; Ga 3:17." (This is from "Insight on the Scriptures, Vol.I; published by The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.)

Once again I note the significance of the date of Nisan 14 in the Inspired Scriptures.  That is also the date of the Passover, when the Passover lamb was sacrificed, and its blood sprinkled on the doors of the Israelites, so that the angel of death passed over their houses.  

Jesus - "the lamb of God" - was sacrificed on the same day.  And Christians are to memorialise his death on Nisan 14.   It makes me wonder...  will there be some further significance to the date?   Well, I hope we are all there - in the restored earthly Paradise - to find out.

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