Saturday, 10 May 2014

A Landmark Tour (and Philip Jackson sculptures)

This was my first real outing for months. We went to an open day at the sculptor Philip Jackson's garden in aid of the Murray Downland Trust.  Captain Butterfly works on the conservation project at Heyshott Escarpment in the winters.   And we did a little tour of the Captain's domain. We looked at the Escarpment from the road, and we went to the Lord's Piece to see if we could hear the crickets.   However the wind was so strong that I don't think we would have heard a pride of lions roaring - had the Piece contained one.

It was a beautiful morning - bright sunshine through clouds and a strong wind.    And blossom everywhere.   We lunched (un)healthily off a hotdog and a cup of tea and home-made cakes - all made by volunteers and all delicious.  We have brought back a lemon drizzle cake for supper tomorrow (Jackie is coming).
Philip Jackson's garden is lovely - with his elegant and witty sculptures meeting us a every turn.  He has a large clear pond/mini lake fed by a stream.  Its a garden that has lots of rooms, and its in a charming Sussex village.   Its the sort of place everyone will have in the Paradise earth.  For one thing, we will all be young and healthy then.  Much as I loved the Philip Jackson garden (and am grateful to him for letting us visit it), I do acknowledge that, at the moment, a two-bed flat and a balcony is as much as we can cope with.  And we have this sea view - the shining Channel is covered with racing white horses at the moment.  And there are loads of lovely gardens to visit.
I had an undignified struggle over the little humpbacked bridge, but made it. And managed to sit out in the tea garden chatting to two friendly ladies ("as the doctor said to me when I had my tubes tilted..."), and managed to get up again with a little help from the gallant Captain. I have got used to carrying a bag of cushions around to raise seats - but today I did without. And I seem to be ok...  tomorrow morning will tell, but all seems well.

We bought some home made rolls from the tea shop and are going to have a ploughman's supper.We also bought some rhubarb, so I must make a crumble.

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