Friday, 26 June 2009

threescore years and ten... maybe

Another perfect summer day - lovely skies, and a refreshing breeze. I felt very tired as it has been quite a week. The National Portrait Gallery on Wednesday, and Don's funeral on Thursday. In the morning we went to Warnham, and in the afternoon to the funeral. Then it was the meeting in the evening - very hot in the Kingdom Hall. I felt sorry for the brothers in their jackets.

But it was the best thing I could have done after the funeral. I sat where Don used to sit. And thought about how he won't be there to greet me again until the new system of things.

We (the Captain and I) got to talking about funerals on our way back from Don's. And thought that realistically we had better write down what we would want. Its not a happy thought. But...

Who knows?

Maggie must feel like the bottom has dropped out of her world. After 40 plus years with Captain Butterfly I think I would feel like less than half a person if something was to happen to him.

Tomorrow is Sharon's funeral. She was so young - died very suddenly of a pulmonary embolism.

She didn't come near her threescore years and ten. Whereas Don, despite all his health problems, made it to 82.

I wonder yet again if those young doctors at Chichester A & E didn't save my life that day when Col rushed me in. They had me on Warfarin almost before I could say what was wrong.

I am very grateful.

But of course in a case like Sharon's there is no time, and no warning.

How wonderful it will be to be in perfect health - life 'to time indefinite' stretching before us.

More wonderful than we can imagine.

Got some very good news from Pen today re finding a publisher for her book! Not half bad in a recession. Bea and I talked by email. And I also talked to Linda. I was just saying to Col yesterday that we hadn't heard from her for a while for a while.

We went to Chichester this morning and did a massive Lidl shop and a smaller M & S one, and used up our Jessops and Lakeland vouchers. At least some of them.

We have a lemon squeezer again!

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