Saturday, 27 June 2009


Although we started the day off with a sea fret, and I took an umbrella with me on the field service, by the time we left Sue's to go on the work, it was hot, and it got hotter and hotter and HOTTER.

I was working with a young brother from Ghana, and even he found it too hot.

Anyway, we did an hour and a half, which included a couple of Ronald's return visits. He doesn't have a car so he bravely came along with me and we made it. I had to go twice round a very large roundabout, and back out of lots of parking spaces, but we made it.

I did a lot of praying about it first, and very specifically asked Jehovah that I would find parking spaces when I needed them. I asked Ronald to pray about it too.

Which I think he did quite fervently. He wasn't too happy when I said I not only wanted him to direct me to the territory, but also to make sure that I stayed on the left hand side of the road.

"Now I AM nervous", he said, looking for the door handle. But at that moment i lurched away from the kerb and off we went.

I have taken the afternoon off. We have been watching Wimbledon - we are watching the Andy Murray match at the moment. He has just got the first set under his belt and made a great start in the second.

Charles - also from Ghana - told us an experience he had when out with the Circuit Overseer the other week. The householder who opened the door said she was 'Born Again' and did not want Witnesses calling on her.

John, the CO, asked her this. If he did stay at home, how long would it be before a Born Again knocked at his door?

It is something I can only hope she will think about.

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