Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Striking Portraits

To the Constable exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery today with Bea and Captain Butterfly. Constable portraits amazing - although my favourite was the Hampstead Garden painting. If the Czar of the Gallery had said to me: "Sue, because of your general wonderfulness we are going to allow you to take one portrait home with you", then that would be the one.

The tube strike didn't really affect us, except that the train out of Victoria was much fuller than usual,

We had fish and chips from Osca's this evening - and watched some telly - including the Gabon Monkey Expedition. Beautiful, but sad, because the animals are so threatened. They try so hard to live their lives and care for their children, and we are making it just about impossible for them. I had to hang on to the promise made by our Creator, Jehovah, that he will 'bring to ruin those ruining the earth."

I know things will not go on like this for much longer.

And we watched the Sussex episode of the David Dimbleby series: 'A Picture of Britain'. It was very moving.

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