Monday, 1 June 2009

Mermaids sighted off Littlehampton Beach

Pen left very early this morning, and I have a Dental appointment at 8.30... It was a lovely weekend. She came to the Kingdom Hall with me on Sunday morning for the Public Talk - which was about building a happy family. And then I co-opted her help in doing some return visits. She came with me in the car and waited there with her book while I knocked on the doors. The Captain does not like me to do them on my own, and I couldn't find anyone else going out at that time. Two were not at home sadly. And the third seemed to be in the middle of a big family lunch so I decided not to knock.

It was a very hot day - hotter than Spain! - so Pen and I cooled off in the sea at Littlehampton later.

The Captain had his Metal Detecting hat on and we didn't see him till the evening.

We went to The Silk Road for some Middle Eastern food - a treat from Pen to
celebrate our one year retirement anniversary, which is today.

Linda - ex-Aramco - is coming over later today so we will celebrate it with her too.

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