Monday, 8 June 2009

Rustington with Bea

In the morning I drove us to Rustington - a first for me. We prowled the Rustington shops and Bea bought me a lovely bag for the Field Service work. It needs to be neat, big enough for my books and magazines, and easy to get said books and magazines out of.

I hope to premiere it tomorrow morning. Another first, as I hope to go on my own wheels - which i am nervous about as I don't know which map we will be using - so I dont know where we will be going, whether I will know my way, or be able to park, etc etc.

And will I have to turn right across the traffic coming out of the Kingdom Hall? Or will our map take us left?

Will I be able to park successfully in the tiny Kingdom Hall car park?

Worry worry.

For the rest of our day, see the Captain's blog.

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