Sunday, 7 June 2009

Driving Rain

We escaped the storms ravaging the country today - it was a lovely sunny morning with a bit of rain late afternoon. However, its 9.15 now and we have just heard some thunder. So I think the storms may be about to find our quiet little seaside town. Bea and the Captain had a busy day (see his blog) and are now out on the balcony with their wine. I will join them when I have written this.
I went to the Kingdom Hall this morning. We got the sad news that Don can no longer have visitors so he must be a lot worse, and Maggie had left a package at the Hall for me. I volunteered to do her magazine route for her, so she has left me a package of magazines with addresses and little maps!
Wonderful of her in the middle of all the trauma with Don, her husband, my brother.
So I now have to get more adventurous with my driving. Having spent my driving life on the right hand side of the road, driving round Toytown, I am finding it difficult to start again.
But I must, or I cannot do my field service and return visits properly, let alone do the magazines for Maggie which is the help she needs from me at the moment.
Bea has bravely agreed to come with me to Rustington for a stroll round the shops tomorrow morning. And if we survive that, I will probably blog all about it tomorrow.

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