Saturday, 20 June 2009

Detecting Sammy

Sammy is down on the beach with Captain Butterfly and they are metal detecting. I hope she manages to find something interesting. We, her gran and great aunt, are taking some time out.

We all went to Warnham for lunch and a walk round the reserve, which is so beautiful and peaceful. Sammy seemed to enjoy it all and had to be dissuaded from getting too near swans with their cygnets. Her gran and I were chased off a beach in Ireland by an angry swan when we were about her age, and we haven't forgotten the experience.

They leave tomorrow. We are hoping we might all be able to go in for a swim in the morning, but it depends on the weather. If not, we can go over to Arundel and feed the birds in the park there.

Sam may insist on our going in for a swim this afternoon, but I hope not as there is a cold wind blowing.

She is ten now. Its strange to think how much our childhood must seem like pre-history to her. How would the 1890s have seemed to me at her age?

A generation is coming, and a generation is going...

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