Monday, 22 June 2009

a quiet Monday

A quiet day today. Talked to Nute - she and Sam had an OK journey back home, all went to time, and Sammy seems to have really enjoyed herself, which was the point of the exercise. At any rate, she wants to come again, as soon as possible.

Her elderly great aunt may need a week or so's recovery time though.

Studied in the morning - lunched at home (omelettes) - and then went to Swanbourne Lake - see Captain Butterfly's blog.

I bought two bags of duckfood (50p each) and fed loads of ducks, geese, coots, moorhens, pigeons, you name its, all sorts of feathered things. And I got pecked by a duck.

When you look at the amazing flipper feet of the Coot they say so clearly 'design' - they witness to their Grand Creator, Jehovah of armies.

Of course the Serpent is still in the garden at the moment. But when I think of how lovely it is even now, I wonder just how lovely it is going to be when Paradise is restored.

We called in at the organic shop-restaurant in Arundel on the way back and picked up some things. And then had a fish and chip supper... well, I suppose that is fairly organic in its way.

I had a long chat with Lilian who phoned from London. The local congregation have invited her to the upcoming District Convention and I am urging her to go and to really listen and pay attention when she does. I believe the theme this year is: 'Keep on the Watch'.

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