Monday, 15 June 2009

A quiet day in

A quiet day in today, which was most welcome. No shopping, nothing, apart from a walk along the beach with the Captain in the evening. He is Captain Dragonfly at the moment. I made us lunch by combining the remains of the vegetable soup I made on Saturday with the remains of the chicken curry I made on Sunday, to make a sort of chicken stew. It was very nice.
Tomorrow I have to drive to the Kingdom Hall - park in the car park there - and take myself off to the territory, wherever it may be. Scarey. And on Wednesday, Audrey will be with me, as she and I will work together. She knows the territory so well that she will be my navigator so that will help.
I still have one magazine call to make for Maggie - I did the others on Sunday.
The Circuit Overseer's visit starts tomorrow, so we have a meeting at the Hall tomorrow night.

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