Friday, 31 March 2017

The Wild Mushroom - George McCarthy

Magpie Inkcap, Coprinus picaceus
Wednesday night, when we came back home from the talk in Steyning by The Wild Mushroom man, George McCarthy, we saw a fox resting peacefully on the grass by the garages.  On seeing us, it got up and disappeared into the bushes.

As things are now, we keep disturbing and frightening the little creatures. When the earth is Paradise again, it will be able to sleep happily on, sure that we are not going to hurt it.  Not that we would have done anything to hurt it now, let me quickly add, but, with the serpent still in the garden, it can take no risks.

We saw some great photos from George. And there was some valuable info for all those who are trying to sell their photos.  Which is not so easy these days. Jackie came with us, but it wasn't the usual foursome, as Terry is on his hols.

The talk was called The Four Seasons - fours seasons of wonderful wildlife photos - especially of birds in Winter. And we have reached another seasonal landmark in that, on Tuesday, I drove to the evening meeting at the Hall without needing the lights on.  (Our meeting was on the Tuesday as it is the week of the Circuit Overseer visit.)   The next landmark will be when I can drive back in the light...

Did nearly two hours on the field service yesterday - including a load of tricky and stressful driving - came back, fell asleep.    I did manage to use the mushrooms to make two batches of mushroom/veggie soup, but that was about it.

Masterchef has started, which will give rise to the following dialogue:

Captain B:  "Honey, I'm home. What's for supper?"

Mrs Captain B;  "Er... baked beans on toast.  I'll just go and open the tin. Too busy watching Masterchef to cook anything."

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