Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Just the One Brain Cell Between Us

Jean's and my brain cell must have slept in this morning as we got in a real muddle, with me frantically phoning Jean and not finding her - and getting very worried that she might have fallen. However, we somehow managed to meet up at the Field Service Group and had a good morning on the doors.  We did an hour and a half - finishing our territory, and doing some calls on the way back to Jean's.

The afternoon was pretty much taken up making a big carrot cake, as I realised this morning that I was down to the last piece of cake in the freezer.    

Captain Butterfly was off with Mark, they are still following the fungi hordes, but any day now the butterfly season should start.  Which will require more cake.

I am still very tired from Monday morning, when Col got a SUSSAR call out in the early hours:

It was an urgent one, and quite a long way away, so off he went. And I was frantically making up sandwiches and a flask of tea at about 4.30 a.m. - and feeling so relieved that I shopped yesterday on my way back from the meeting.

The congregations worldwide are just starting on a study of the Book of Jeremiah. And we will be watching this short video:

These little intros are a real help.

Jean and I hope to visit Maggie tomorrow, if we can manage to get ourselves sorted.

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