Friday, 3 March 2017

In the Dark Ages

Scarlet Elf Cups, Sarcoscypha coccinea
I was trying to think of a blogpost that would warrant one of the Captain's wonderful photos of some dazzling scarlet fungi he and Mark found.
Scarlet Elf Cups
It was a very busy Thursday for me, as I am now.  Yet again, I drove to Angmering, to return to talk to a very nice young man who is the deacon - I think he said deacon - of one of the local churches.   He was very interested in what we said about the ransom sacrifice last time, and said we could call back. So we did.  And found him in.

We had half an hour's talk.  He was saying that he believes there are only minor differences within Christendom - and that basically Catholic and Protestant Churches are in agreement.    I thought,  but did not say, that within living memory, Catholics and Protestants have killed each other over these differences.    I did mention though that many years ago,  I was a Catholic Convent schoolgirl - back in the Dark Ages.  He laughed at that, and said he was not going to mention my age. (Clearly he was not wanting a black eye.)

But what a long time ago it does seem - though I do try to think as little about my schooldays as possible.  Not happy memories.

We can call back, with an invite to The Memorial. And I must pray and ask Jehovah how we should proceed with this.

Then in the afternoon I went out with a young pioneer sister. Thursday evening was the meeting at the Kingdom Hall.  I was walking up the drive - it was dark, with the little light shining ahead of me. And I had a sudden feeling of joy, thinking about walking to meetings when the earth is Paradise again - how lovely all will be. How peaceful. And how we will look forward to hearing all the new things Jehovah has to teach us.

The Captain was out all day with his sandwiches, and three pieces of cake, as he was meeting both Mark and Mark's dad.

Jean and I went to the Field Service group on Tuesday, but we did calls - trying to catch up a bit, as Jean has done so much first call work over the last year.  We do try to follow up on every call, but its not easy. And I certainly have failures.  Sometimes its that you can never find people at home again, sometimes its that I never do get back...

And we hope to be out again tomorrow morning - on first call work, weather permitting.  And I have a call to make in the afternoon, on a very nice lady who I called on last year with the Memorial invite.

Its grey and rainy this morning, and if it goes on like this, the Captain will be prowling and growling around as he likes his outings.  Whereas I am a homebody - and love being at home.  For one thing, its the only place that is really comfortable for me now.

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