Friday, 17 March 2017

Past my best...

... and probably past my sell-by date (under the Threescore Years and Ten rule). Oh dear.  After this latest flare-up - 2 days of paralysis and pain - well, actually more like a day and a half, I feel exhausted- so tired it hurts - and on top of that I feel as if I have a bad cold coming on.

Captain B and I are both taking First Defence in an attempt to fend it off.  We both have a busy weekend coming up.

We are out at Butterfly Dan's tonight, and to Jack's for supper tomorrow.  Then I have to pick up Jean at 9 o clock tomorrow morning and take her to the Hall. We start offering the Invitations to the Memorial door to door tomorrow.   Hopefully you will be offered one.  Please please accept and come.   It is the most important day of the year.  

They are putting on a lunch for us at the Hall after the field service, as it is the live Broadcast from the Governing Body Saturday afternoon.  I will take Jean home afterwards, and collapse, thankful that Jackie will be cooking us a lovely supper.

No meeting on Sunday, but Jean and I hope to get to the special 10. a.m Field Service Group at the Hall, to continue with the Memorial invites.

So I do need to keep healthy.

Have been in a discussion with my young publisher and his editorial team about a new title for "Small Island".  It is the perfect title, but sadly it has taken me so long to write the book, and get it accepted for publication, that there has been a best seller with that title since.  We were wondering about "Island" or "The Island", but suddenly in the early hours a quirky and totally different title came to me.

I put it to Dan tentatively, and he liked it!

So here we go. I will say more when I have a publication date.  And I will try to give it a good review this time.   Col said, of my previous blog, about editing it, that this must be the first time an author has given their own book a bad review...  really I was just wondering if other authors felt the same?   Does everyone have these terrible misgivings?

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