Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Shredder of Time

We got our new Paper Shredder the other day, and the melancholy thought comes to me that I ought to devote 5 minutes of every day to shredding.  I have an enormous box of old letters and cards, going back to my childhood, and a filing cabinet full of stuff. And loads of manuscripts...

When mummy died, we found that somehow, even though she could barely move, she had quietly sorted through everything.  She lived in one room plus bathroom at Lilac Tree Farm then - and had a large old bureau - walnut I think.  Every bit of paper in it was current, sorted and labelled. She had made it as easy for us as she could.

And now that I am in the death zone - under the threescore years and ten rule - then I ought to start doing the same.

But, as I said, a melancholy business.

On a much more cheerful note, Jean and I got to the Field Service group on Saturday, and had a good morning out.  We did half return visits and half first calls. And had some good conversations.  Then, in the afternoon, I visited Sue, and spent well over an hour with her.  I want to try to convince her to start a formal study with us.

Then we went to Jacks for supper last night. She had made us chicken and rice with broccoli, followed by tiramisu, and a cheese board.  Lovely evening, lots of laughs at the plights of our old age.

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