Tuesday, 21 March 2017

An Evening with Dan and Libby...

...and with the other members of the upcoming Corfu trip.  On Friday night.  It was a lovely evening - good company, good food, in their rambling house, full to the brim with books.

I was in a lot of pain with my knee - hot and swollen.  But why?  My knees are Knew and Artificial. I will have to discuss this with my arthritis doctor at the next visit.

I hope I am not going to find myself starring in a book about  strange new medical conditions - SueKnightitis, in which the artificial joints become arthritic too.

And I was seated on a high dining room chair all evening. Thank God.  I could not have got myself off a sofa.

I did not make it to the Field Service Group Saturday morning.   But I did manage to drive myself to the Hall for the Broadcast.  It was a very short drive there and back and I felt I could just do it. But it took me an age to hobble from my car to the Hall. The walk loomed ahead of me like Mount Everest (it is flat, by the way).  And I used to be such a great walker.

However, as the English Blues Singer sang, "Mustn't grumble".  I did get to the lovely Broadcast. Such a good Watchtower study, such a good and encouraging public talk. And another powerful reminder that we are a worldwide family, united in our love for our Creator, Jehovah, and our love for each other.  This was a live broadcast that included JW congregations from the UK to Cyprus to Pakistan.

We had supper with Jackie in the evening - chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies, and  a chocolate torte for pud.  A fun evening, as it always is. We seem to cheer each other up.

Then - no meeting on Sunday, but a field service group at 10.00.  Which, to my surprise I managed to struggle to.   After yet another Jean/Sue muddle, I did manage nearly an hour on my last 2 route calls and some return visits. And that included a long talk that has left me with two Biblical questions to answer, which I hope to do today.

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