Monday, 13 March 2017

An Arthritis Flare up

It started in the early hours and now i am back on my zimmer frame, moving very slowly and very painfully.  Left leg this time.  Oh dear...   I had to cancel my Dentist appointment this morning -and they will be completely within their rights to make a late cancellation charge.

All my joints ached yesterday, but I put it down to the weather and to tiredness.   I really have to pace myself these days, in quite a pathetic sort of way. And I often think of my mother and my granny, and what they went through, as they too were custodians of the Family arthritis gene.

Thank Goodness I have got all but 4 of my route calls done - and one of those I always have to post anyway. Maybe I can do that today, along with a card to Peggy's family.  That will be little bit of witnessing anyway.  And Captain B will kindly post them.  He may not be a JW, but he approves of the moral standards.

Having the knowledge of the Kingdom of God is a privilege that must be shared.

Jackie came to us for supper on Saturday night, and, as I knew i would have a busy day, I Cooked it, rather than cooked it.  We had a Cook's Beef Bourguinon, which was excellent. Its not something I have ever cooked, and it wouldn't be nearly as good as that one if I did.   We had new potatoes, carrots and leeks with it - all cooked by my own fair hand.  And Captain Butterfly made a big bowl of fresh fruit salad which we had with ice-cream.

Saturday morning, I picked up Jean, but, yet again, managed to forget to bring our shared brain cell along, as we ended up knocking hopefully (and hopelessly) at the wrong door.  The group was meeting somewhere else.  Anyway, we both had calls to do, locally, and ended up having a good morning.  We went home for a quick lunch and I picker her up again, and we went to the Broadcast at the Hall.

It was very much  about the young brothers and sisters this month, trying to keep them steady in the face of the attractions and distractions of "the world".

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