Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Yet Another Arthritis Flare-up

What is happening?  This time it is my left foot - started Sunday afternoon - and got worse and worse.  An awful night - no sleep - and now i can hardly bear touch it to the ground and am back on the zimmer.

Monday night I did sleep, but moving, sitting up and touching the foot to the ground was agonising.   Coming up to midday, it is getting slightly better. Still need the zimmer, but hopefully will be able to retire it in an hour or so.

Spoke to Jean this morning - she was very comforting about it all. She has so many problems too.

We were out Sunday after the meeting - only for half an hour, but we placed quite a lot of Memorial Invites. And one of the sisters we were out with was bitten by a  dog! - a little Yorkie...

Quite a shock.

And we had two lovely talks from the Circuit Overseer on the last day of the visit.

An interesting point, from the Sermon on the Mount.

In my faraway Catholic Convent schooldays, we used to read Matthew 5:3 as "Blessed are the poor in spirit, because theirs is the Kingdom of  heaven."

But the New World translation says:   “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need, since the Kingdom of the heavens belongs to them."   And the footnote says that an alternative translation would be “those who are beggars for the spirit.”

The Circuit Overseer pointed our the difference between being "poor" and being a "beggar".   You may be poor, may not have much, but can be able to support yourself.  But a beggar has, by definition, to ask for help.

So we will be blessed if we realise just how much we need our Creator, if we realise how lost we, the damaged children of disobedient Adam,  are.  Because then we will seek Him, and we will find Him.

And the Kingdom of the heavens will belong to us, in the sense that for most of us we can live forever in the restored earthly Paradise under its wise and loving rule.  For those few who are "the saints", the "holy ones", they will actually be in heaven, part of "the kingdom of priests and holy nation" ruling over the earth and "making all things new".

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