Sunday, 26 March 2017

Yet Another Arthritis Flare up

This time one finger of my right hand - came on overnight on Friday/Saturday- had to ring Jean and cancel - oh dear oh dear oh dear - I hope this isn't a permanent turn  - but am remembering what happened to my mother in her seventies... the arthritis overwhelmed every treatment...  of course there are more powerful drugs now...

And now I can't make it to Haysbridge.  Whole right hand red, swollen and of very little use.  Apart from the pain, I can barely cope with the loo here, which is set up for me.   A difficult night - dozing, waking, stressful dreams...

And Captain Butterfly, my Carer, is off to Corfu on Butterfly Business soon.    Oh dear.  and this is about all the typing i can cope with

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