Monday, 27 February 2017

The Meek and the Mlld-Tempered

Yesterday, I was thinking about Jesus' famous words, at Matthew 5:5, about the meek inheriting the earth.   But it reads this way in a more modern translation.

"Happy are the mild-tempered, since they will inherit the earth."

There is so much in that.  Those who are mild-tempered towards their Creator, i.e. who listen to him and obey him, will also become mild-tempered and "slow to anger" as he is.

There will be no angry and violent people in the restored earthly Paradise.  How could it be Paradise if there were?

And it is "the earth" we hope to inherit.

What lies ahead this week?  Who knows actually, as "the plans of mice and men..."    Whereas whatever Jehovah purposes always comes about.

But, hopefully, it will be a week with quite a lot of witnessing in it.  Jean and I plan to go out tomorrow and Saturday, I hope to be out with one of the young pioneers on Thursday afternoon,and with another sister in the morning.

I had a long talk with Lilian, on the phone yesterday. We are both suffering healthwise in our retirement, but I hope she is being able to enjoy it too.  Since Dave died its been very hard for her. He was such a lovely guy, took such good care of her.   But the local JWs are calling regularly and I hope she might get back to the meetings.   There is no teaching more comforting.

Captain B is bustling about as usual.   Metal-detecting (no hordes as yet), giving talks (his underwater one, full of his wonderful photos), doing his conservation work, and looking after me ("a full time job" he said gloomily)...

I am not sure how I would be feeling now if I hadn't listened to the JWs who called on me all those years ago - when I was young! -  with me now being in the death zone (under the "three score years and ten" rule) and him rapidly approaching it...    how do those who do not know the truth cope?

This seems rather a gloomy post, but it is the early hours of the morning - woke up - can't sleep - having cup of tea - intend to go back to bed and try again.

Its the strange reversal of retirement, in which Monday seems to be my day off, so IF I can get back to sleep, I can safely sleep in.

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