Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Shoals of Snails at Woods Mill

White-lipped Snail, Cepaea hortensis
We spent yesterday at Woods Mill - snails on every other nettle leaf - how beautifully they are crafted. Captain B took some pics for my blog - and some pics of the waterlilies. We had our sandwiches on the bench overlooking the lake - Duchy ham and chutney for him, and cucumber for her - plus I used up the last 2 small pieces of carrot cake from the freezer.

The robin that joined us last time didn't turn up, but I left him some crumbs.

There were quite a few Meadow Browns, in the meadow (appropriately), and I also saw a small Skipper - well a sort of Skipper anyway - only a momentary glimpse before it hurtled off.  The damsel flies were darting about like jewelled flying needles, and the dragonflies were on patrol across the lake.
Once again, a helicopter flew overhead as the dragonflies patrolled, and I wished that Richard Dawkins, the guru of Evolution, had been sitting beside me sharing a sandwich.  I would have loved to have asked him, politely of course, how it is he wants me to believe that a helicopter was designed and created, that it had both maker and designer, but that I must not believe the same thing about a dragonfly, which is so much more beautiful - so much better engineered?

The creation is telling us and telling us of its Grand Creator - and the Bible spells out for us exactly who He is - Jehovah, the God of Abraham.

It was high Summer at Woods Mill.  A lovely lovely day.

Still endless talk and argument about the Brexit - but given that it seems we are Brexiting, it would probably be better just to get on with it and stop worrying.

Jehovah's wonderful purposes for the earth carry on irrespective of any referendums.  He truly is the God of all comfort.

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