Friday, 24 June 2016


My blog does not usually touch on political issues.  I am to be "no part" of the world, and stay neutral even in my heart.  Which is not nearly as easy as it looks. I thought I was genuinely neutral about the EU vote, as I could see plus and minus points in both the Brexit and Bremain campaign.

But waking up this morning to find we have Brexited has made me feel that I was not as neutral as I thought, though I certainly did not vote and have no wish to have done so. But it is worrying how divisive this is.  Whichever way the vote had gone, it surely would have been so much better to have made it an overwhelming vote.

Plus I am conservative - not politically, note the small "c" - but in the sense that I love routine and order, and find change frightening.

And, importantly, Captain B was a Bremainer, and is upset this morning.   As is Jackie, as is Bea, as are all my family.   Hopefully he will get out on his butterfly transect soon, and once out there, in the beautiful Downland, wading through lakes of moths and butterflies and creepy crawlies he will be refreshed.

We have a wonderful Watchtower study in the worldwide congregations this  Sunday. So timely and relevant.. And all are welcome at our meetings.

You can also read it online, if you wish:[search_id]=232a0472-e59a-417a-ad2

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