Sunday, 26 June 2016

Votey McVoteface

The Referendum seems to have been a Boaty McBoatface moment, in that it did not give the powers-that-be the result they wanted. Can it now be changed, or overridden?  Hard to tell, No-one seems to know for sure.

A divisive mess.

We had supper at Jack's last night - Thai chicken curry, rice, salad, strawberries, ice-cream and cheese and coffee (tea in my case).  Lots of laughs, and talk about the Referendum, and how no-one seems to know what happens next.

We are being told that this shows a big divide between old and young - the young feeling European and all being Bremainers, and us oldies all Brexiters -  but not in my local experience.  We either didn't vote, or voted for Remain - apart from one local friend.    The older you get, the more hard change is to cope with.

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