Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Hunting the Lego Herds in Arundel

Lego Red-breasted Goose
We - the Captain, Jacks and me - lunched at the Arundel Wetland Trust yesterday.  Pork casserole for the Captain, macaroni cheese and salad for Jackie and me.  What a view their restaurant has- always provided there are no gulls slaughtering baby chicks in centre frame.   And yesterday lunchtime there were not.
Lego Nēnē (Hawaiian Goose)
Lego Flamingo
Lego Spoon-billed sandpiper
Lego Otter
We walked round the Wetland afterwards - me and Jacks resting on every bench, while Col worked at the camera-face - see pics above.   I was still in such a lot of pain, but, mercifully, it hasn't turned into the full-blown crippling arthritis flare-up that leaves me unable even to get dressed and not knowing what to do with myself for the pain.

We had all been at the Trust on Monday night, picking up Terry en route.   And, as it was the end of the Talk season, they gave us Pimms with strawberries and cream and shortbread instead of the usual tea and biscuits.

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