Monday, 6 June 2016

The Glow Worm

Glow-worm larva, Lampyris noctiluca
Here is another of Jehovah's marvelous creations. Maybe, when the earth is Paradise again, the night will be full of glow worms.  Many years ago we sailed quietly (noise can make them turn their lights off) through the Glow Worm caves on North Island New Zealand.  It was one of those occasions when you feel the holiness of the world so strongly, and I thought then that if I didn't already know about our Grand Creator, Jehovah, maybe that is what would have woken me up and started me looking.

They are little predators though. Which, presumably, they will not be when the earth is Paradise again.

Saw my Arthritis doctor on Friday. He confirmed that my inflammation levels are up - which I know as the arthritis has been bad - but that given the physical trauma, its understandable and not to worry. The medicine is still working well.  He also stressed that, while I will not get all that much more function back, there is still more to come IF I keep at the physio, but it will take months and months.

Anyway, that is the incentive to keep trying.

We spent Saturday at Jacks - the usually lovely evening - lots of laughing and a lasagne.

Jennifer and I went out after the meeting yesterday - which was lovely, but with a very guilt-making Watchtower (my fault, for wasting precious time which is dedicated to Jehovah) - she took me round some of my calls and return visits.   And I found out that the wife of one of my longstanding route calls had a bad fall in November and smashed her shoulder! And she too is very far from recovering.

Which at least confirms that this is something that does take time, and not to lose hope.   He says he will bring her to the door for a chat next time.  She is a lovely lady.  So we will be able to tell each other what the doctor said to us when we had our tubes tilted - while her husband pales and rushes for the door marked Exit.  I can't wait!

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