Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Sunday Blues

Not that Sunday was a sad day, not at all.  The meeting at the Hall was full of comfort and help - and my sister took me out in her car afterwards.  I brought sandwiches - marmite and cucumber - and she bought a flask of ginger tea - and then we furthered my magazine route calls and did a call of hers as well.

What was sad about it was that it underlined for me how much I have gone downhill. Even an hour in the car is a strain now - the getting in and out, having to push and pull with my "good" shoulder is so painful, and I worry about the stress on it...    But I was thinking how my Sundays would feel if I did not know the truth - Christianity being called "the way of the truth".  They would be beyond depressing.

I can remember childhood days in term time, when the whole of Sunday afternoon and evening was blighted by the thought of school tomorrow.

We didn't see Jackie on Saturday night - we have postponed our curry evening till next Saturday, as Col has come down with a cold-type thing - mild, but after her recent problems Jackie doesn't want to risk catching anything.   Anyway, it meant  I had enough food in for the weekend, and we dined off the last of the veggie curries (turned into a soup) last night.

The Channel - early evening - is a sparkling turquoise jewel, with flashes and splashes of brilliant white. And there is a kite in bright seaside colours being flown just outside our window.

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