Saturday, 2 July 2016

A Moth Visitor

Heart and Dart, Agrotis exclamationis
We were coming back laden with shopping after an early trip to Waitrose yesterday when Captain B stopped us with a shout of "Moth".   We would have trodden on it if it hadn't been for his sharp eyes, as it had parked itself right in front of the lift.

The poor little soul didn't seem in very good shape.  The Captain slung it over his manly shoulders and bore it up to the flat where we dined off it...  what am I saying?! (I should not do this blog before I have had my breakfast) - where it was photographed, and left to recover in a box.

After some hours it did recover and was released to carry on its mothy life, I hope with great success and happiness.

It is called a "Heart and Dart".   Once again, I have to note what lovely names moths have.  And surely that is one of the things we were put on the earth for, to find beautiful names for the beautiful creation.

The rest of the morning I did my Watchtower study for Sunday - stuffed full of Biblical advice as to how we can get along with each other in peace and harmony. What perfect and timely advice.

In the afternoon I made the lamb curry - mild, Middle-eastern - for tomorrow night - I will do the veggie dishes tomorrow afternoon - and that was about it really.

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