Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Team of Jean and Sue Rides out Again

River Arun 3.8km swim
Well, it was more sort of tottered out - for a long walk along the seafront, stopping at every bench. But, following Jean's  example, I offered little tracts to people passing by and every one was lovely about it and took them with a smile.  One young girl with children - she was perhaps Portuguese/Romanian? no English anyway - smiled said "Jehowah?" and when we said yes, happily took the publication.

The problem was that it took us so long to get to the road we were working that we could not find our siblings. So we gave up and had a cup of coffee and shared a lemon drizzle cake at the riverside cafe. Then we both tottered off home, feeling tired but happy.

Anyway, it felt like the first tiny step to going back to work. And Jennifer will take me out after the meeting today.

The Captain was at the river too yesterday. He was a marshall at the River Arun 3.8km swim. Marshalling sports events is one way that the charity Sussex Search & Rescue raises funds to operate. He is a volunteer with SusSAR, and when not called out by Sussex Police to search for missing, vulnerable people, they fund raise and attend training sessions.

Jackie came over for the delayed curry supper last night.   Madras Chicken and a Lamb curry courtesy of the Waitrose chill cabinet, two veggie curries and rice courtesy of me, and pudding courtesy of Lidl.  And chocolates and a cheeseboard.

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