Tuesday, 16 June 2015

What Larks,Pip!

Rock Dove, Columba livia domestica 
"What larks, Pip!" as Joe Gargery might have said had he been at the talk at the Wetland Centre last night.   It was "In Archer's Footsteps - Birding in the Republic of Somaliland" by Nigel Redman.

Not only were the birds wonderful, but the country and its history were fascinating.  It seems to have avoided the chaos and lawlessness that is engulfing the rest of Somalia, and is running itself in a successful and peaceful manner.  Apparently the United Nations, in its UNhelpful way has refused to recognise it!

The Speaker was concentrating on the Somali larks, of which there were many kinds - which is why I started my blog with the quote from "Great Expectations".

Because it was the last night of this season of talks, Terry treated us all to a Pimms, except for poor Captain Butterfly, who can't drink alcohol until he finishes his course of meds.

Dorothy of the South left this morning for the next stage of her journey.   She treated us to lunch at Pulborough yesterday.   The Captain and Dorothy had a pork and sage casserole with veggies, and I had an excellent veggie lasagne with salad. Then we sat out by the bird feeders with a pot of tea and watched the doves and hoped for a woodpecker.   There was a gentleman dove, courting his lady, with a lot of chest puffing and some wonderful little dances.  However, it seemed she had a headache, and all his dancing was in vain.

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