Monday, 1 June 2015

Looking for Nightjars

Dark Purple Columbine, Aquilegia vulgaris
We walked in Rewell Woods last night hoping to hear the whirr of the nightjar and maybe see one. But we didn't.   I think we were there a bit too early. We needed to be more into the "Empire of Light" time of the evening (Magritte).
It was a lovely evening though.   It is a working forest and more rides had been created by the loggers and there were lots more log stacks.  Giant insect hotels.   And if there were any giant insects inside them, they mercifully stayed inside.

Friday we walked by the sea, under a moody sky and Saturday I was out with Jean. Once again we both encouraged each other to get out there.  And we did at least finish our territory working with one pair of siblings, and a well-behaved baby.  We had a good call, a fresh crop of not at homes.

We also went to the Wetland Reserve - on Saturday I think -  where I was besieged by goslings and their hissing parents at every turn, and had to part with a lot of seeds.  That brute of a swan that caught me out in the open on my own, was lurking in the long grass, but I kept close to Captain Butterfly.  It came across the path and made us swerve a bit, but left it at that.  Captain B doesn't have the neon "Wimp" sign on his forehead that I apparently do.

Sunday morning was the meeting at the Kingdom Hall. It was pouring with rain so Col was not going out, and he offered to chauffeur me door to door, which save me getting soaked. Its not possible to park very near the Hall.  I gratefully accepted the offer.  I wish I could persuade him to come in, even if just for the public talk. The teaching gets better and better, and clearer and clearer.

I had made a giant lamb casserole with lots of veggies for our Sunday tea.

Jackie is back!   Hurray!!   And gave us a lovely supper- Chicken Alexander with spring veggies, and a cheesecake with strawberries.  And some excellent wine.    And much better news of Tom.

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