Monday, 15 June 2015

Dorothy of South Island

Dorothy is still here - in the middle of her travels - she has been visiting many of the Istans that emerged when the Soviet Union collapsed.  Some are doing very well indeed and all are interesting.

Jackie had us round for paella on Saturday night, and she came to us for a salad supper last night.  I went to the talk at the Hall yesterday morning - did ask Dorothy if she wanted to come, but she didn't. Pity because it was excellent - given by one of our young brothers - and showing us, from the Bible where we are in the stream of time. And reminding us how important it is to stay close to Jehovah.

I had been looking for a Hilaire Belloc poem about politics/elections and just this minute found it.

"The accursed power which stands on privilege
(and goes with women, and champagne and bridge)
Broke- and democracy resumed her reign
(which goes with bridge, and women and champagne).


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