Monday, 29 June 2015

Being Scudded

Littlehampton Armed Forces Day, 27 June 2015
The awful news about the massacre on Sousse beach, and the WW1 re-enactments on the Green on Sunday (Armed Forces Day), must have fermented in my head along with memories of being scudded, as I dreamt about being in a carpark with my cousin Phil and suddenly little explosive charges started to go off in the concrete pillars. And we knew we must get out before a big explosion came. Then Captain Butterfly was with us, and there was an enormous explosion just outside, clouds of smoke billowing, and he disappeared into it. I could hear crying and groaning and I was calling for him but couldn't see him anywhere.

It was a great relief to wake up and find him in bed beside me.
We are seeing "the increasing of lawlessness" worldwide.   People urgently need to know of the imminent rescue, and that the dead will not be forgotten at that time.    Am I doing enough to tell them?

Clearly I could be doing more.  

The WW1 biplane battle they staged outside our window, and especially the Spitfire that turned up later (from the next war), also reminded me of the Biggles books, which I read as a child.  Biggles arch enemy was Captain Erich von Stalhein (I hope I have that right) and they had many a duel in the sky. But it was always very gentlemanly as I remember it  If Biggles dropped his sword mid-fight, Captain Erich von S would always gallantly wait till he picked it up again. And vice versa.
Spitfire P7350 (Mk IIa)
And that also reminds me of the only Biggles plot I can remember.  American planes are dropping out of the sky at an alarming rate.  But why?   No mechanical faults are being found in the planes. They are not being shot down. And then, through some Sherlock-type stuff, Biggles discovers....SPOILER ALERT!!!!! - that the enemy is doping the American pilots' chewing gum (lots more exclamation marks).

A cunning plan indeed - Baldrick at his best.

We asked Jackie and Linda over to see the re-enactments.  And Jacks came back in the evening for a curry supper - mainly from the Waitrose chill cabinet, but I did make a veggie curry, the rice and the small small things,

Jean and I worked together on Saturday morning, but I think Jean had overdone it on Friday, so we did only half an hour on the doors and then went off and finished our magazine route calls for the month.

We seem to be in summer now.  Its going to be very hot today. I don't do well in the sun - yet I have a guilt-making pile of return visits...

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