Thursday, 11 June 2015

A Hospital Day

Yesterday was a long long hospital day. But I will leave Captain Butterfly to blog about it if he wants to.   I spent much of my time reading Martin Chuzzlewit. And here is an interesting window in time, to the British breakfast of Dicken's day.   And this is at Todger's Commercial Boarding House, which is not a fancy establishment.

"A table-cloth (rather a tight and scanty fit in reference to the table it covered) was already spread for a breakfast: displaying a mighty dish of pink boiled beef; an instance of that particular style of loaf which is known to housekeepers as slack-baked, crummy quartern; a liberal provision of cups and saucers; and the usual appendages.

Boiled beef for breakfast! But of course it was the standard fare then, along with oysters.

In my 1950s childhood, bacon and eggs was the breakfast standard.  Nowadays its cereal.  Porridge oats, in our case.

Its my talk in the Small School tonight and I haven't even been able to get together with my Helper and practise it yet!  My mind is all over the place with all the hospital worries.

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