Friday, 19 June 2015

A Landmark Walk

Admittedly, a rather pathetic landmark, but a landmark none the less.  I walked to Waitrose and back,with 2 bags of shopping.   I don't think Usain Bolt is all of a tremble, seeing his speedy reign coming to an end. But it was something.  My knees hurt, but my ankles stood up to it.

I am trying to think what else I have been doing since Dorothy of NZ left...  and the answer seems to be: not a lot.   One short visit exhausts me now.  I got to the Meeting on Thursday night, and it was lovely, and so helpful - I am becoming more and more appreciative of how we are cared for spiritually - of how much time and effort is put in to teaching and helping us.

And we have the Brighton Convention next month.

I got my read copy of the July Watchtower last night - to be offered to you all on the doors next month - and it has the perfect article for me:  "How to Deal With Anxiety?"  It will appear on the website next month for all who are full of anxiety to have a read of.

It is advice from the Maker's Manual.  If applied it works, even to the Mother of all Worrywarts, such as myself.

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