Sunday, 21 June 2015

Silently, in the night...

... the travellers return.   At least I guess it must be them. When I drew the curtains early this morning I found I was looking out on a sea of cars, caravans and tables and chairs.  If its them I must mention it to Ron and we can go down and knock at their doors.  If they are the ones from The Big Fat Wedding series, they are Irish Catholics.  I too was brought up in Catholicism - and the nuns at my primary convent school were mainly Irish. St.Patrick's day was very big. And we had a lot of shamrock about the place.

So if I am asked to go down and knock at the caravan doors, I think I will ask them what Wilhellmina and Ruby asked me when they knocked at my (non-caravan) door all those years ago in my Northern hometown.  What was I asking for when I asked for God's Kingdom to come?   I found I had no idea, though I cannot compute how many times I said the Lord's prayer.   IF they will let me, I will show them how the Bible answers.

Last night was Dan and Libby's annual party, in their beautiful garden. They always seem to have a lovely night for it.   It is their wedding anniversary. Dan told us they got married on the longest day, so the celebrations would go on longer.  During the evening, he presented Libby with the most beautiful butterfly ring.

I must see if Captain B noted the name of the band - 4 musicians who entertained us all evening.  

The moon on the drive back was so lovely - a fat crescent, large and bright and very low - and the evening star was as bright as I have ever seen it.   A lovely night sky over the South Coast.

I sometimes wonder if Jehovah is making it more beautiful and glorious by the moment to wake people up to their Creator, urgently.  Or is that the older I get, the more I love the creation?

Jean and I were out on Saturday morning.   But we didn't do first call - we caught up on some of our route calls, delivering the June magazines.   We found quite a few in, and had some good talks.

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