Monday, 14 July 2014

"Without a Map" by Meredith Hall

I have just been re-reading "Without a Map", and don't know how to recommend it enough.  For one thing, her reunion with her adopted son goes to show that you do not have to become an abuser if you yourself are abused. You can make another choice.  As, wonderfully, her eldest son has done.

Here, I hope, is an extract:

If I were a painter there would be a beautiful - watercolour? oil?  mixed media? silk? - painting in my blog today as I would have tried to capture the scene I drove through on my way back from the Kingdom Hall after the Sunday meeting.  The sea was turquoise, sparkling, with little yachts bobbing about - and the sky was a tender blue, full of fluffy white clouds.

We went for a short walk on the beach in the evening - a beautiful summer evening with numinous light from the setting sun.

Another sunny morning - we have shopped - at Lidls - Col has gone to meet a fellow Butterflyer in Houghton Forest, and I have done a load of washing - and had half an hour on the balcony in the sun looking out over a sparkling Channel while doing my study.  We are looking at Leviticus at the moment - and also learning how we can exercise whatever modicum of power we have in a godly, Jehovah-like way.

We see power so misused, as we live during the time when "man has dominated man to his injury".   Horrors all over.  How much we need the coming rescue.

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